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[ About Lazy Avenue ]

Lazy Avenue is a solo musical project based in Vancouver, Canada since 2009. Its focus is to create various indie, alternative, modern rock and acoustic music.

I bought my first acoustic guitar when I was about 15. I went down to a local guitar shop, and picked up a cheap acoustic guitar. It was around $30. Yes, it was that cheap, maybe, it would be around $100 in today's dollar. Then, after couple of years later, I bought an electric guitar and amp combo. I bought all of these out of my own saving since my parents thought the music I listened to was just noise.

"My very first guitar!"

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These guitars changed my life. And, They had been with me all the time in my 10s & 20s. Because of this, I have hugely influenced by the music played by guitars such as folk, blues, rock, indie, alternative, shoegazing, metal, etc.. then, around 1995, I started my own band. However, it only lasted about three years and about 10 gigs. Then, I stopped playing my guitars when I started a 'real' career..

After many years later, I started picking up my guitar again around 2009. This time, with the help of latest technologies, I decided to start recording my own songs in my home studio. I played each instrument one by one, and record each track into Logic pro. Around 2012, I produced my first set of songs called 'In Vain, Vol 1'. The songs in this set were dedicated to my late sister, Christina. I learned a lot from this experience, and started sharing them in SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc, around 2014.

I write music all the time. With my cellphone, personal recorder, guitars.. I record a simple piece first. I discovered the song changes its initial color as I progress... I quite enjoy this process. It's like waiting for unknown imaginative colors & sound to come out..

I work on my songs mostly in late nights or sunday afternoons. And, I enjoy sharing them with you. So, I hope you enjoy my humble songs and share them among your friends & followers. If I can touch more people's hearts, that would be my ultimate happiness.

Thanks for discovering my music.

- Jade, from Vancouver, Canada

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