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"A Statue In The Wind" has been released on June 14, 2017

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"The Place I Don't Belong" (Released on Sep 8, 2015)

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Mixing a new song is 'almost' getting done. But, sometimes, gotta hit some random tunes out of frustration at late night to take a break from this mad science of wave & frequency.. #mix #indie #music #studio #newsong #recording #guitar #lazyavenue #vancouver

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Getting busy in the studio for recording my next song. So far, I am not fully satisfied.. but, hopefully, I will call these instruments done and move on to vocals. Make sure to check out LazyAveue.com for my songs. Thanks! #music #recording #indie #guitar #bass #drums #newsong #studio

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This song is being recorded now. Hopefully, I can finish this on schedule. I will post this as soon as it gets done. Stay tuned. Come to: LazyAvenue.com to listen to my current songs. Thanks. #indie #newsong #lyrics #notes #guitar #music #recording #studio #lazyavenue

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